About Cross Inspections LLC

Steve Cross and his Golden Retrievers

Cross Inspection Services LLC is a certified home inspection company in Clarkston, MI owned and operated by Steve Cross.   Steve is an ASHI Certified Home Inspector and can perform many types of residential inspections and commercial inspections for a wide variety of properties in the region.

Steve started doing home inspections at the urging of a good friend that also happened to be a real estate agent.  After completing his training and certification, Cross Inspection Services LLC was created in 2012.

Steve is also a licensed builder and re-modeling contractor in the State of Michigan.  This means that he not only gained the education required to be a home inspector, but he understands the building process and what really goes into the structure of a home or commercial building. This experience gives Steve a distinct advantage over other property inspectors lacking his construction and re-modeling background.

Steve is a Gold Certified Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI #252591).   As an ASHI property inspector, Steve has passed the most rigorous technical examinations in effect today, including being required to perform more than 250 professional building inspections before certification.  As part of his ASHI certification, Steve also completes at least 20 hours of continuing education annually so he is always up to date on the latest standards and practices of the home inspection industry. Steve’s ASHI member number is #252591.

In addition to the ASHI national organization, Steve also serves on the Board of Directors for the Great Lakes Chapter of ASHI, a multi-state group of ASHI certified home inspectors.  The Great Lakes Chapter was formed to help member home inspectors come together to further their knowledge base and share on-the-job experiences with one another through regular regional education and training conferences on home and property inspection.

Steve is also a Government Certified 203k HUD Consultant certification #P1800.  A 203k Consultant works with FHA/HUD 203k loan recipients and is responsible for on-site visits and HUD required work write-ups serving as project management consultant for both the homeowner and HUD/FHA. Steve can help make sure that construction requirements are met and that required repairs are completed within the HUD/FHA loan framework.